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"Inspiration with Lance Heft" is a 30-minute studio and on-location production featuring business leaders, artists, and entertainers sharing their personal stories through in-depth interviews. The show's format provides guests the opportunity to reveal what truly inspires their success, prosperity and contentment in their professional and personal lives.

The show features guests from all walks of life, but with one common thread: they have achieved a life that encompasses their passions and have shared their unique gifts with the world. The show's primary pillars are finding the purpose, the resiliency and determination of the human spirit, success, passion, and interconnection. Viewers will see living examples of happiness, contentment, and generosity that will serve as a model for their own lives.

The show's premise explores our achievements, our connections with one another, our family history, technology and the modern world. Featured guests share the challenges and obstacles they have overcome and reveal how they have turned their dreams into reality.

There is an intrinsic value to knowledge that is gained from shared experiences. People relate to inspiration that shows that we can emerge wiser and stronger from setbacks, exemplifying that we are secure in our ability to survive. We will never truly know ourselves, or the strength of our relationships, until both have been tested by adversity. Such knowledge is a true gift.

In a world of over-generalized news features, reality showboating, and recycled sound bites, Inspiration with Lance Heft offers an intelligent "unplugged" type of program, with an authenticity and intimacy rarely seen today. Lance's low-key style keeps the focus on the guests, giving them the time and space they need to candidly tell their own very personal story.


Executive Producer/Host
Lance Heft

Simon Balderas

Sandi Randle

Lance Heft
Heather Heft
Simon Balderas
Sandi Randle

Simon Balderas
Robin Catherine Lawson
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Simon Balderas

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Susan Vescera

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Juancarlos Amya

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Clarabelle Balderas



Business leader and author, Lance Heft, is committed to helping people reach their full potential. His inquisitive nature inspired him to develop a television series, where he could ask successful people about their own inspirations, how they overcame obstacles, and their secrets to living the life of they desire. Lance gets to the heart of the matter in every episode, finding out what makes people tick, and discovering the goals and dreams that unite us all.



DVDs of each episode are available. Please contact: srandle@briitestar.com

Season One Free Transcript Downloads are now available.

Season Two Free Trancsript Downloads will be available by October 1.

Episode 1: Steve Tobin - Download Transcript

Episode 2: Kathy Griffin - Download Transcript

Episode 3: Aaron Tippin - Download Transcript


"Inspiration with Lance Heft is a beacon of what's right in a world so keenly focused on what's wrong. I was particularly moved by Lance's interview with singer/songwriter, Regie Hamm, whose daughter suffers from the same rare genetic disorder (Angelman Syndrome) as my own daughter. So nice to hear from someone else who is also on this challenging journey and so appreciative that Regie has answered his calling to give voice and hope to the Angelman Community. Kudos to Lance and everyone behind the scenes for bringing us this kind of inspiration. Good news is always welcome here!"
Lachelle Petit

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